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Privacy Commitment


Section 1: Empowering Trust

When you choose DKallos, you entrust us with your personal information for a seamless shopping experience. We gather essential details such as your name, address, and email address when you make a purchase - all to enhance your journey with us. While you explore our store, your computer's IP address aids us in understanding your browsing preferences.


Section 2: Your Decision, Your Control

Your consent matters. When you share personal information for specific purposes like transactions, orders, or returns, you implicitly allow us to use it for those reasons only. For any secondary purpose, such as marketing, we'll seek your explicit consent or offer you the choice to opt out.


Section 3: Sharing Responsibly

We uphold your privacy diligently. Your personal data may be disclosed if mandated by law or if any violation of our Terms of Service occurs.


Section 4: Secure Payments

To ensure secure transactions, we employ Google Pay and PhonePe as our payment gateways. Your card data is not stored on their servers and is protected through PCI-DSS encryption. Your purchase details are retained only for the transaction's duration.


Section 5: Collaborating with Confidence

We partner with third-party services that adhere to stringent privacy standards. These providers access your data only as necessary for their services. Remember, their privacy policies apply.


Section 6: Protecting Your Data Haven

To safeguard your information, we implement industry best practices against loss, misuse, alteration, or unauthorized access.


Section 7: Cookies - Your Companion in Navigation

Cookies are utilized to maintain your session on our platform. These cookies do not track you across other websites.


Segment 8: The Sanctity of Your Confidential Intimations

The sanctum of your personal intelligence is upheld in consonance with our charter on privacy.


Segment 9: Amidst the Labyrinth of Imperfections, Clarity Abides

While our striving is towards verity, fallibilities may arise. Lend credence to your discernment, and should it deem requisite, cross-reference.


Segment 10: Custodianship of Your Wellness

We stand poised to render succor, yet a seamless continuum of service or infallible outcomes cannot be irrevocably vouched for. The expanse of our responsibility finds circumscription in congruity with prevailing jurisprudence.


Segment 11: A Tether Unbroken

Any inquiries concerning our provisions? Extend your reach to us at

Gratitude for instating faith in DKallos. Your odyssey towards wellness resides as our chief prerogative.